The barbarian is one of the most dangerous and feared sights on the battlefield.


Their combat style focuses on strength, aggression, and relentless assault.

Whether wielding two-handed weapons that sweep through enemy lines or fighting with a weapon in each hand, when the opportunity to deliver that devastating killing blow comes, they are ready. 

Wounding barbarians enrages them, making them stronger and more deadly in battle and their varied array of powerful attacks can knock an enemy senseless, immobilize them, or make the very ground shake around them.

Like other rogues, they excel at sneaking and the arts of ambushing.

Archetype: Rogue
Permitted Races: Aquilonian, Cimmerian
Weapons: One-handed edged, one-handed blunts, two-handed edged, two-handed blunts, bows, thrown weapons, and dual wielding
Armor: Cloth armor and light armor