Celebrating 11 YEARS of Age of Conan

Celebrating 11 YEARS of Age of Conan

The march forward, undaunted; unconquered


From the collective minds and fingertips of countless talented visionaries, Age of Conan was brought into this realm 11 years ago!  Your unwavering support continues to be an inspiration to all of us, and we sincerely appreciate all you do to keep Hyboria grand!

It’s that time of year once again, heroes - THE ANNIVERSARY!  Special rewards return along with a brand-new pet and mount, the return of classic quests, and community events and appearances from your humble Community Manager staff!

Additionally, this year we’re inducting a new member to the Conan family: Conan Unconquered, the survival real-time-strategy game that pits you against an unstoppable onslaught of foes! Please join us in celebrating its launch on May 30th, right as our anniversary event concludes.



-The Age of Conan team





Bonuses and Deals

XP/AA Potions and Hoards of the Silent Legion are 30% off for the whole event!
Royal Treasure Chests are 10% off, also for the whole event!
Plus, get doubled Atlantean Shards from Raid Finder daily challenge chests!

Special Daily Event Rewards

Special daily login rewards are available during the event!  The daily event rewards calendar replaces the standard one for the duration of the event.  These rewards include Atlantean Shards, Paragon’s Caches, Expertise points, and a brand-new mount:

New Mount: Savage Keshian Panther

This savage panther from the mountain jungles of Keshan has been adorned and trained for battle by fierce Keshian tribesmen. This mount's speed increases as you become more adept at riding. This mount is available as the 14th Daily Event Reward.

Spoils of Victory - 11th Anniversary Edition

Every day, you will receive an additional login reward that gives you a special Raid Finder chest. This chest can be opened with the "Conqueror's Gift" buff after completing any Raid Finder or Daily Challenge. This special chest contains a chance at various token packs as well as a chance at a brand-new pet!




Shadows of the Past

Classic Anniversary content, Shadows of the Past and Acheronian Soul are available for the duration of the event!


Rise of the Necromancer

The Book of Skelos tempts those seeking to learn the ways of the dark arts.  Those brave enough to make the leap shall be rewarded greatly…

From the depths of Tarantia, Aquilonian Necromancers emerge to reap what has been sown for them.  A special badge awaits those new sorcerers who reach level 80!

Thank you all once more for being with us through this 11-year odyssey.  Grab your sword, staff, and tankard, and raise them to many more to come!